conflict Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May suggest inner conflict and turmoil.

Having a dream where you experience a fight or disagreement with someone who is a good friend in real life is an ill sign associated with sadness and loss. It usually means you are soon to have some financial difficulties, including the loss of property or material possessions, or some tragic event that would leave you exhausted and emotionally-drained.

Having conflicts with your wife within a dream while experiencing disagreements or fighting with her in real life suggests these problems are soon to be resolved, either by outside forces or through your own efforts to get through this rough patch. The result of this is likely to improve the quality of your relationship, allowing you to find comfort and love within your partnership to an even greater degree than it used to be before.

Envisioning yourself having a conflict or participating in some larger argument within a dream vision is usually interpreted as a sign of needing the support of good friends in a time of need. You may be experiencing some hardship now, or you may hit some unexpected difficulties in the near future. In either case, asking your friends for support is likely the best way to overcome it. This imagery also means you trust and value your friends in a special way.

Having a dream where you witness a conflict or fight between other people is a negative sign indicative of having bad experiences at your place of work. In particular, this vision points to some flaws with your attitude to work or authority figures being an issue, meaning your performance or actions are not appropriate or beneficial for the office. Basically, your own behavior is likely to cause you trouble and problems at work. Seeing other people having a disagreement in a dream vision may also represent feelings of disappointment or disillusionment with the occupation you currently hold. It may not be the type of work you expected, or you may have to do things which you do not feel are morally right to keep your position.

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