container Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about container explained:

May suggest holding in emotions.

Perfume, on its own, is often symbolic of satisfaction with your life or self-confidence. Dropping the perfume and seeing it disappear, then, seems to indicate a lack of self-confidence, at least in regards to one particular aspect of your waking life. This might mean being apprehensive about giving a public speech or worrying about an upcoming test. In either case, you should try to avoid letting your fears get the best of you and focus on what you think are your greatest talents and abilities.

Dreaming that you are carrying a basin or bowl filled with seeds, palm kernels in this case, portends a period of illness and health issues. If you see any suspicious symptoms, you should immediately see a doctor. Any affliction you may end up suffering would more than likely be a temporary one.

Dreaming about small buttons and levers that open and close different compartments is the manifestation of your subconscious attempts to solve a problem or figure out a solution to the issues that plague your waking life. In this case, your success or ease of performing these tasks in the dream represent your ability to do the same in wake life. The source of your troubles can be seen in the image of the boiled but cracked egg. This symbol is associated with the idea of being faced with someone's bad or offensive behavior. You may be wondering why this individual acts this way or why you are still friends with them. This vision could be trying to put things in perspective for you, so you can make a good decision about how to deal with this person in the future.

Hearing the sound of water pouring into another vessel in a dream vision is symbolic for standing on the figurative precipice of a situation in your social life. More specifically, this sign predicts the occurrence of some event which causes you to be treated poorly by others. While this could include physical altercations, it more likely points toward verbal abuse and the spread of ill rumors which may be difficult to disprove. Without proof, your ability to maintain your good name could be compromised.

A dream in which you give your pastor an empty plastic bottle could be symbolic representation of hard times ahead of you. The empty bottle represents the possibility of falling on hard times financially. The fact that you presented this bottle to your pastor could point to you questioning your faith and beliefs during these trying times.


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