cotton Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about cotton explained:

May represent comfort and simplicity.

This dream can be viewed as a reflection of your own behavior and personality. In this context, blue eye are indicative of not being able to succeed or failing to achieve a goal because of your own excessively timid nature and indecisiveness. The cotton cap signifies your inability to focus on what could be really important, procrastination, or your tendency to concentrate on things which will not help you succeed.

Frolicking in a swimming pool filled with cotton candy alludes to hedonistic pursuits. You may be at a point in your personal journey where you are relatively free from concerns and responsibilities. It is perhaps a period of fun and adventure. The cotton candy represents leisure, rewards and contentment. Everything is going smoothly and you are enjoying this turn of events. As in everything, of course, living in excess could have negative repercussions, so practice prudence and moderation.


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