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To dream about crab explained:

Crabs are known for being deep under the depths of the water that might be linked to your emotional state of mind. Maybe something is crabby or snappy that is now conscious. The crab can move both on land and in the water. It has the ability to bury itself in sand and holes. When the crab appears you might want to watch your mood and see if there might be a direct link.

May represent someone born under the sign of Cancer.

The image of a crab crawling around in its natural habitat or a small cage is usually thought to be a fairly positive symbol representative of your current lifestyle. At present, you probably are not experiencing any drama or conflicts in reality, leading to a peaceful and satisfying daily existence. Another slightly more neutral interpretation suggests you go through life without solid plans or a detailed to-do list, meaning you are not worried about what could happen tomorrow or in the future.

Boiling a crab as part of meal preparation may reveal your growing tolerance and patience with someone who once rubbed you the wrong way in reality. Your previous reaction to avoid or become irritated by this individual may have been caused by their physical appearance, personal hygiene habits or their personality equally. Your ability to stand this man or woman now reflects your growth as a person or your ability to see more than just the one thing about them that annoyed you before.

Dreams which involve eating crab meat are usually good indicators of your inability or reluctance to listen to what other people around you are saying. You could be caught up in a cycle of trying to look knowledgeable and savvy in other people's eyes while making sure you prevail. However, these one-sided views and opinions could hurt your relationships with other people in the long run.

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