crocodile Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about crocodile explained:

may symbolize an instinctual fear.

A dream in which you see yourself taming a crocodile by plying it with food symbolizes that you are about to enter a phase of reconciliation and settlement with those who might have treated you dishonorably in the past. However, this cease-fire might not last for a very long time because the person could be up to their old tricks again.

A dream in which you perceive a crocodile has negative connotations. If realized early, this dream can help you comprehend the fact that people whom you consider to be your buddies or best friends are about to deceive or dupe you. Additionally, it could mean that your adversaries or rivals may become aggressively active in trying to create obstacles and hurdles in your way so that you are unable to finish the projects which you have undertaken.

Dogs in dreams generally represent friends and family because they are seen as loving and loyal companions. In your case, this recurring dream of your deceased dog could reveal your concerns about the loyalty of your current group of friends or even family members. Your dog's injuries may symbolize weakening bonds or brewing problems between you and a close friend or sibling. In the first dream, the nature of your dog's suffering could mean that you are worried about someone's well-being. Someone close to you may be conflicted and needs your help to get back on track. Meanwhile, the crocodile points to a bad influence or a manipulative individual who may be trying to ruin your relationship with your loved ones by pushing them into making bad decisions. Perhaps this devious person would cause all your problems and you are feeling helpless about the situation. It is possible that your subconscious is encouraging you to take action, otherwise you could lose someone you love.

A dream in which you see yourself unintentionally stepping on a crocodile is symbolic of the negative vibes in your life. You might have to face certain intricacies and obstacles. These difficulties would be overwhelming for you and could create problems as well. In order to avoid these hardships you must stop trusting people who you believe are hypocritical and dishonest and are bent on causing you harm by their actions.

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