crystals Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May represent energy.

Dreaming about seeing or tasting salt crystals is a symbol of extreme difficulty which is about to unfold in waking life. It may have to do with something you are trying to save relating to your work or your business, such as your damaged reputation which may never be saved, or your rapidly declining sales which may never have a chance to recover. It could also pertain to your romantic relationship, such as your irreconcilable differences which could make the task of redeeming your union next to impossible. The size of the salt crystals in your dream will determine the magnitude and extent of the problems you will be facing in waking life.

Discovering crystals underwater represents positive developments in your future. This is associated with exciting opportunities that would open up for you, in line with your personal goals. You could be offered the job of a lifetime or discover a lucrative investment that would make you a lot of money. There could be an element of time tied to this opportunity which is why you feel like you need to grab the crystals before anyone else shows up. It could be an emerging trend in the market and you need to act fast in order to reap the rewards after. If you have a business plan in mind, then you need to get funding and implement it as soon as possible before others beat you to it.

Dreaming about a crystal is an ominous symbol that indicates the beginning of a series of unfortunate, virtually unstoppable events which are about to take place in your life. This snowball effect is likely to begin at work, for example when you try to save some failing project or pick up the pieces of a damaged office relationship. Taking the crystal may allude to trying to take responsibility in this situation. The wallet you receive from the man in the office suggests others have been boosting your confidence with compliments and gratitude for your achievements, possibly leading to you becoming overconfident in your ability to handle such a situation on your own. Climbing on the ledge of a building reveals the possibility of overcoming this challenging time, however, it may take a lot of effort to get through the events after they take place.

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