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To dream about current explained:

May suggest the movement of your emotions.

Dreaming about finding yourself effortfully swimming against water current often is a negative sign. It could foretell that your current main goal would be difficult to achieve. You might find obstacles and struggle a lot. Nevertheless, you might eventually manage to find solutions and work out a way of turning these problems into advantages.

Visions containing the image of your current president or government leader are often the manifestation of concerns about the politics, policies or political climate of recent times. You may be worried or preoccupied by the different laws and acts being passed by your representatives, leading to stress and anxiety. It may be wise to take a step away from the television, radio or social media and try to find something or someone else to occupy your time. Taking a break from the situation may help you in avoiding burning out on the topic altogether.

Dreaming about swimming along with the water current is a symbol of emotionality. That is, you could be an emotional person with a tendency to let the emotions take the best out of you. Alternatively, you could soon go through a period during which you would let yourself be driven by your feelings and emotions. You would not be able to gain a rational control over your life.

A dream in which you see yourself attempting to swim against the river current is symbolic of the defiance or confrontations which you face when attempting to endorse your point of view. However these resistances will be fleeting and your ideas will eventually be acknowledged by all.

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