darts Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about darts explained:

May represent hurtful remarks that were said.

The game of darts in your dream indicates a task that you are currently working on, stop living in fear of failure and reach for your goals. You will know how well your ambitions are going depending on whether you hit a bull’s eye or you miss the dartboard. However, if you just see darts being thrown it could mean someone is out to hurt you emotionally or you feel bad about hurting someone’s feelings.

Dreaming about seeing a stranger or strangers inside your house and threatening you could contain a prediction that you are about to see some significant changes related to your private life or family affairs. It could also mean that you are about to get involved in some unpleasant conflicts or disagreements. Most likely these matters will be closely related to your family, judging from their presence in this same dream. Being poisoned is symbolic that someone is presently watching you or your family members and waiting for the perfect moment to move on with their plans or intentions.


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