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To dream about feast explained:

May suggest a bounty of available options.

Dreaming about attending a big feast or a banquet with large tables as part of a reception can be indicative of an invitation to a wedding or engagement ceremony which you are about to receive. You may soon be hearing good news about close friends or relatives who are about to tie the knot.

Consuming a pineapple at a feast is a warning that you need to take some time to relax and rejuvenate yourself so that you are able to concentrate on your personal health. It is recommended you go on a small vacation or take a few days off work to make this period of relaxation happen.

Having a dream about participating in a feast with lots of food and sharing food with other people is a good sign of wealth, prosperity and respect coming from people around you.

Dreaming about having a lush and extravagant feast with a close family member, such as your wife or husband, is a warning about your relationship with this person coming to an end.

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