flame Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about flame explained:

May suggest light is being shed on something that you were 'in the dark' about before.

Seeing a big fire flame in your dreams is a sign of success. It means you will be working on a project or endeavor that will have a successful completion.

Seeing a candle or match flame from the reflection of a mirror represents some aspect of your personality which others find grating or difficult to handle. In particular, the flame points toward heat which in turn implies having a bad attitude or ill temper. You may want to be more careful in the future so that your actions do not rub others the wrong way and lead to further, escalated conflict.

Having a dream about a candle with an enormous, bright flame is closely associated with the image of fire. To understand this particular dream vision, referring to the section about fire as a symbol in a dream may provide the most accurate interpretations to determine the meaning of what you saw.

Fire is often a symbol associated with success and passion. As such, seeing that the flame was surrounded by high, formidable walls could reveal obstacles and roadblocks that are in the way of your success. Furthermore, the air and water that slowly reduce the height of the flames could be a metaphor for your dampening spirits and diminishing enthusiasm about your work. While this could be understandably frustrating, the fact that the fire was still burning, even a little, at the end of the vision means you have the power and patience to get through whatever challenges may currently be holding you down. You may need to lay low and bide your time until you have a good opportunity to make your next move, but when you do, you would be able to enjoy your success and happiness to the fullest.

Nightmares are reflections of real-world fears and anxieties. The shadow of the Devil in your dream could be a representation of negative emotions and thoughts you are harboring. Some ill-conceived ideas and brewing anger may be taking root in your head due to frustrating circumstances at work or in your home. As such, the hose symbolizes your awareness that you need to control harmful thoughts and actions. It shows your need for cleansing and purification from your personal demons. Consequently, the blue flame is a symbol of divine intervention and spiritual guidance. You may have to hold on to your faith and ideals so as not to succumb to evil temptations.


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