flesh Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about flesh explained:

May symbolize sensual appetites or sexual desire.

In general, the image of maggots making their home in rotting flesh is considered an ill omen to perceive in the realm of dreams. It is a predictor of illnesses, disease, injury and poor health for the dreamer, possibly resulting in long term infirmity or death. If this symbol is persistent and constant in your visions, you should seek the advice and expertise of a doctor or another medical professional as soon as possible.

Dreaming about seeing meat which looks like human flesh is symbolic of having learning difficulties. It is possible that your age is making it hard for you to absorb new knowledge. As they say, it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. But then it could only be your stubbornness, your being a man of habit or your refusal to accept change. Conversely, eating human flesh in a dream indicates that you will have access to a well-guarded secret or piece of classified information.

This dream signifies either recently becoming a willing participant or witnessing some other way (TV or online) a conflict among several people with the central figure possibly being a young woman. Your involvement, if this was a real event or situation, also entailed revealing some compromising facts or information to others which re-ignited the already raging negative emotions. If you happened to just watch this drama unfolding as an observer, it may have left some lasting memories which eventually made their way to your subconscious state.

A dream about seeing meat which looks like it comes from your own flesh signifies the possibility of drowning in waking life. If you have an aquaphobia, you may have good reasons to avoid all bodies of water. If you love swimming, this dream vision may be a warning that you should take extra-precautions while engaging in such an activity. Being a good swimmer does not guarantee your safety. Anything can happen while in the water.

This dream has an overarching theme of health with a focus on your mental well-being. Having your attention drawn to crows that are pecking at something on the ground represents a large social gathering or a series of events which require you to meet and interact with others. This may have been organized by you or someone else, but, in either case, somehow requires your participation. This vision suggests through the repetitive imagery, however, that you have recently been under a lot or stress or are in the beginning stages of experiencing some psychological issue which may need attention. Your full involvement in social activities is probably unwise or may cause you to feel worse than you already do. The young, dead animal you see at the end further supports this idea, indicating a need to focus on your personal health and well-being before doing anything else.


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