foal Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about foal explained:

May suggest birth or rebirth to beginning stages of growing into something strong, fast, and agile.

Having a dream about wolf killing foal belonging to you signifies potential failures and losses.

Just as a mare cares for her young offspring, so does this dream portend domestic bliss and serenity in your household. Specifically, this usually means having success with domestic chores, like cooking and cleaning, and maintaining a happy, stable atmosphere at home for the benefit of your boyfriend and child. You are likely to be especially content and satisfied during this period, knowing that everything is taken care of to the best of your ability.

Horses are often seen as messengers in dream visions. In this particular case, the image of a dying horse portends receiving news that greatly troubles or negatively affects you. Water is a positive symbol associated with life-giving properties. Trying to help the horse recover by providing it with water and succeeding momentarily indicates that, with some intervention, not all hope is lost. However, because you are unable to save its life in the end, your attempts to salvage this developing situation are likely in vain.


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