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May represent an authority figure.

The presence of air in dreams, whether you are breathing it in or feeling it circulating in the room, generally reflects your current physical and psychological state. Often this means things are not ideal or something has not reached your expectations. Maybe your job is not fulfilling or your relationship has gone stale. The same dream symbol can also mean that things are more or less going to be in this lukewarm state for the foreseeable future, so be prepared to summon up a lot of patience.

As a general symbol in dreams, ice is often considered a negative image. It is often seen prior to serious hardship and challenges in reality, particularly when you are attempting to do something you consider very important to your future. In some cases, it is thought to shed light on areas of your life where enemies or competitors are lying in wait. These cruel, envious individuals are either waiting for you to make a mistake they can take advantage of or are actively trying to cause you trouble and emotional damage. It would be wise to avoid working on your plans in the open, as this could tip off those who want to sabotage your progress.

Envisioning the image of mud in a dream, especially if you were moving through it during a hike or bike ride, represents the troubles and responsibilities that are currently slowing you down in wake life. The amount of tasks and activities on your plate may make it difficult to focus on and complete any one of them. Additionally, you may find yourself a key player in an intricate scheme that you would struggle to make sense of even as you stand in the middle of the action. You are likely to feel overwhelmed and alone in this challenging situation.

The presence of the sun in a dream vision, as seen in the sky or an illustration thereof, generally represents eternal love, glory and great deeds. So whenever the sun makes an appearance, it means bigger and better things are ahead for the dreamer. Perhaps you would become a respected philanthropist shining a light for struggling individuals, or you could find a loving and loyal partner by your side through life's ups and downs. In fact, the positive energy emanated by the sun can neutralize, if not obliterate, other negative symbols that may be present in the same vision.

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