graduation Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about graduation explained:

May symbolize a transition from one stage to the next.

A dream of graduating symbolizes your transition to better things and another step in life. You have successfully completed some goals and are ready to go on to other more challenging ones If you are looking on as other people or friends graduate, this indicates that you want to move forward in life but you have not done what you need to do. Try harder this time around and do not give up!

Graduation symbolizes success and achievements. You may be close to achieving your goals and successfully entering a higher level in your aspirations. The fire that surrounds you, burning those who try to save or help you, refers to your inner fire and passion. The new phase in your personal journey may lead to an internal transformation arising from your drive and motivations. While these fiery characteristics may lead to your ultimate success, your loved ones could end up getting neglected or possibly hurt in your desire to chase your dreams. You may end up sacrificing them for the sake of your personal ambitions. The one holding the book could be that part of you willing to shove off anyone who gets in the way of your success. This vision cautions you against being blinded by worldly ambitions.


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