grandson Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about grandson explained:

May symbolize your inner child or an aspect of yourself.

Being strangled in a dream suggests your relationship with that person, your grandson, may be suffering. This is likely because neither of you has been putting in the effort to do new things together or keep the bond between you strong. If left much longer, this situation may continue to deteriorate and might collapse altogether.

Feelings of protectiveness towards your grandson and your family in general are reflected in this dream. You could be worried about his well-being and your subconscious is reminding to be his source of support and reassurance. Perhaps you sense some distance from your loved ones in real life and you miss the bond from previous years, anxious that he would no longer need you as he grows older. This dream vision is a reminder as well as reassurance to always be there for your family, and that your support and wisdom are invaluable to them, even if sometimes not properly acknowledged or reciprocated.

Seeing someone getting choked in a dream alludes to control and restriction. It may be a sign that your grandson is unable to voice his opinions due to being overpowered by authority figures, quite possibly his parents, in his life. It is possible he is going through some personal issues but hesitating to share them out of fear of being judged or criticized.

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