gravity Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about gravity explained:

Gravity is what keeps us grounded. If you dream of gravity pulling you or forcing you down then something is causing you distress. If you dream you are in space or floating in the air where there is no gravity then you feel free from stress and problems. Nothing is going to hold you down, you are relaxed and at a comfortable place in your waking life.

May symbolize feeling weighed down or over-burdened.

Gravity, as its very characteristic suggests, denotes being grounded and humble. Your quality of being rooted is largely attributed to your family. Hence, the presence of deceased loved ones seems to suggest that you are missing them or longing for the comfort and security that they once provided. Without the pull of gravity and your family, you tend to wander and get lost in space. Perhaps there is a sense that you are losing your bearings and unsure about the direction or path your are taking. The growing moon is a symbol of femininity and even mystery. There may be a side to you that you are not aware of and it is slowly manifesting itself. This characteristic or hidden desire may be what is causing the confusion within you, it may be the reason why you feel you are losing your way. Introspection may be necessary to pin down the details and motivations behind the symbols in your vision.


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