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To dream about hitting explained:

May represent an outlet for repressed or unexpressed anger.

This dream vision of your friends hitting you could be symbolic of a surprise or unexpected news soon to be shared with you. This piece of information could be positive or negative in its nature, but it would surely make you jump out of your seat. If you felt in this dream as if the hitting was an act of aggression or hate in relation to you, you could expect having a confrontation or conflict with one of your close friends or several friends at the same time.

Watching someone hit your car twice in your dream vision suggests that you have an extreme obsession with someone from reality. To see your car being broken by someone means that bad news related to that influential person may come your way soon. In some cases, this could refer to the injury or death of someone you care about, but it is more commonly associated with being conned or taken advantage of by said individual.

Dreaming of seeing your husband hitting you with a whip means your reckless and selfish actions will be met with a great deal of criticism and disapproval from people within your immediate family, which in turn will cause disruptions and conflicts affecting this relationship.

Dreaming about slapping or hitting a horse is a bad sign. It suggests that you are being careless, inattentive, and even perhaps hostile regarding someone you hold dear to your heart. Such dream may further foretell that you are about to lose that significant other due to your own unthoughtful actions.

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