hook Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about hook explained:

May represent an addiction of any type.

Symbolically, seeing or handling fishing hooks in your dreams could serve as an indication that you have been trying to introduce or welcome someone new into your life and, based on the parallel visions in this dream, it could be a new male friend or even a father figure for your daughter. However, she may be reluctant or strongly opposed to your efforts to make it happen. These visions altogether could also portend worsening relationship between you and your daughter if you choose to pursue these plans further.

The multiple symbolism in your dream reveals your tendency to dwell on past events and people, including your ex-girlfriend. Being unable to let go of previous mistakes and experiences could be causing complications in your present existence, including your career, as indicated by the crashing of the work truck. The shard of glass lodged in your throat likewise points to your excessive preoccupation with the things which are irrelevant to your present. These memories may be clouding your judgment, letting emotions rule over rational thinking. Because your ex seemed to be exhibiting loving behavior towards you in the dream, it suggests some unexpected or surprising events with possible negative consequences. Alternatively, the notion of kissing with her could also reflect your subconscious desire to re-unite or even get back together again. Perhaps you need a proper closure to be able to let her go.


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