horizon Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

A dream of the horizon is indicative of starting a new phase or the ending to something in your life.

May suggest feeling something is about to happen.

Looking at the sun on the horizon, possibly moments after it has risen or just as it is setting at dusk, means that you have the ability to realize your ambitions and become successful because of your driven nature. This also suggests an innate resourcefulness and a strong personal integrity which would help you weather the most difficult problems and dilemmas you may encounter as part of your efforts at achieving your dreams. As such, the sun symbolizes your unwavering optimism and focus on your goals.

Observing the Moon slowly descending into the horizon in a dream symbolizes wealth and prosperity. What is keeping you busy at present or what you may be planning to do in the near future could serve as your vehicle to making a lot of money and getting rich in a relatively short period of time. All you need to do is invest all your attention and effort in this endeavor, and the rewards will surprise even you.

Finding yourself dreaming about witnessing an approaching storm could foretell that you could become involved in some serious issues at work or with friends. Since you dream of attempting to save your granddaughter, these issues may involve family members and loved ones. You may or may not be affected by them, but if you are, these circumstances could have severe consequences on your current situation. The boats and cattle falling from the sky reflect your increasing anxiety about the severity of what is to come and your fear for your loved one's future in the process.

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