ignorance Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about ignorance explained:

Being ignored is always a very horrible feeling but if you are the one doing the ignoring then you need to slow down with that ignorant attitude. A dream of being ignorant represents ignorance towards aspects of yourself or of others. However, if you dream that you are being ignored signifies you are feeling neglected in your waking life.

May represent a period of unconsciousness or lack of awareness.

Breaking up in a dream can be upsetting, but this does not necessarily mean that the same thing will happen in real life. The break-up in this dream vision could be a manifestation of your anxieties about your relationship and where it is headed. The good news is, dreams like this one often allude to the opposite developments in your waking life. This may be an indication of your relationship progressing onto the next level. Instead of saying goodbye to your boyfriend, you could just be saying goodbye to your current status and moving on to greater things together.


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