kanji Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about kanji explained:

May represent a message from the subconscious mind.

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Eating apricots

To eat freshly harvested or bought apricots in your dreams symbolizes succumbing to the negative influence of or absorbing negative emotions from people around you....

Caterpillars as bugs

Seeing bugs in the form of caterpillars in a dream vision predicts meeting or having to deal with an egotistical, self-centered person. This person is trying to deceive or mislead you with the express...

Walking on crocodile's back

A dream in which you see yourself walking on a crocodile's back is portentous. It signifies that there are trials and tribulations in store for you. You might have to resolve these issues by yourself ...

Kissing a baby

Dreaming of kissing a baby symbolizes lasting physical beauty. This sign indicates that your youthful and attractive countenance will remain alluring for years to come, possibly well into your golden ...

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