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To dream about ladder explained:

A ladder is a good symbol because it signifies success and accomplishment. Depending on where you are on the ladder would signify what level you are in achieving your goals. It does not need to be in work or school alone it could mean your reputation in society or your outlook of some sort. It simply means you are growing more aware and taking steps on your ladder. A ladder could also represent an increased level or closeness with your spirituality. If you are going down a ladder it indicates you are not heading in the right direction. You are looking for ways out and around things you need to get done. However this is only dragging you down and you would soon regret doing it. If you walk under a ladder in your dream it indicates misfortune in the future. Alternatively it means you are disappointed with things you have done. If you dream someone held a ladder for you it signifies people have your back and would help you thrive and succeed in life. If you fall from a ladder it suggests the possibility of failure and destitution in your comings and goings. If the ladder is broken it stands for unfruitful efforts in reaching your aims. If you escape from a bad situation on a ladder it means that even though things are looking down right now, you need to keep working and striving to conquer.

May suggest aiming for, or reaching a new level of achievement.

Dreaming about seeing or climbing a rope ladder is a positive symbol. It translates your current strenuous efforts for the achievement of some goal or your present dedication to some arduous task. Nevertheless, this personal investment and commitment would be successful, profitable or rewarded at the end.

Dreaming about observing yourself carrying a ladder could represent expressing sympathetic attitude. In particular, you may soon be of service to someone in need of help or advice. You would attend to that person’s needs to the best of your abilities.

Dreaming about observing yourself climbing a ladder is a positive symbolic vision. The upward movement usually translates current or upcoming success. However, you are climbing a ladder. This is a precarious form of ascending. Put together, these symbols could suggest that you are capable of keeping a high self-esteem and good self-image regardless of what happens around you. Other people’s perception of you would also tend to be positive.

Dreaming about holding a ladder up or propping it against a wall is a positive sign. It could reveal a present or impeding self-improvement period. You would attend to your own needs and desires. You would refine and develop your relationships, health, identity, self-esteem and skills. Moreover, you would feel fulfilled and satisfied with your progress.

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