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To dream about large explained:

May represent something big that is happening in your waking life.

Seeing a large frog or catching it in your dream signifies being married to or living in with someone with extra *baggage*. This person could be a widow, widower or a single parent who may be affluent or financially successful. However, he or she might also have children from previous relationship or previous marriage, and they would require much support from you. It could be young children or teenagers who would need your understanding and guidance. A lot of psychological and emotional adjustment might be required from you should you desire to pursue this relationship.

Dreaming about a gigantic or vast river is a sign of favorable times upon you. Your life is going to be filled with unbridled joys and exhilaration. It might also be indicative of the fact that you would become the recepient of positive scrutiny or regard for yourself from people around you.

Seeing a huge quantity of fish in your dream indicates that you are not satisfied with your life and turn your attention to some sophisticated means or approaches in order to achieve the desired success in your life.

If you see yourself buying a large fish tank, then this can be a hint that you are having difficulties in money management and are having a hard time controlling impulsive spending habits.

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