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To dream about library explained:

Being in a library in your dream represents you are looking to understand and learn more information. What are you reading or looking for in the library? You could be trying to figure out why certain things are done, pay attention to what subject you are thirsting to understand in the library. If you find you are disoriented in the library it indicates that you are confused with all the information being fed to your brain. You are unable to process all the thoughts in your head. If you cannot find the book you are looking for or it has already been taken by someone it implies that you need to ask someone for help to understand things better.

May represent knowledge, or your search for knowledge.

The library in your dream speaks of your personal journey and the lessons you have learned. It is your mind's repository for all the knowledge gleaned from your experience in different situations. Finding a room to rent is likely an allusion to your desire for personal growth. However, in order to do that, you need to be able to face your ghosts. The ghosts following you around can either symbolize your mind dwelling on things which cannot be brought back, or it may point toward past issues you have been trying to avoid. In both cases, there is an important lesson you need to learn before you would be able to move on to the next chapter of your journey.

The library speaks of your personal journey and a continuous learning as you grow. It is your mind's repository for all the knowledge gleaned from your collective experience as you continue to face different situations. The rabbit you chase around in this dream, which you eventually catch, is an allusion to potentially trivial and annoying problems or issues that are interfering with the progress and success of your professional as well as personal life. There is also a sense of nostalgia which maybe reflects your own inability to fully accept and let go of the past. Perhaps there are loose ends you have yet to tie up and only when those are dealt with can you fully move on with your life.

Watching your boyfriend get shot in a dream portends upcoming challenges affecting your bond. Him getting shot and subsequently dying in your arms could represent the fading passion between the two of you. Perhaps you sense some distance or detachment from him which is why this symbolism appeared in your dream vision. Though it appears that you are still invested in saving or strengthening your romance, as evidenced by your emotional reaction to the events in the dream. Maybe you need to get to know each other more, symbolized by the library setting, in order to understand the issues getting in between the two of you.

This dream contains both positive and negative imagery, making it more difficult to come to a concise interpretation. Rabbits are often associated with success and improvements in your standard of living. This could include getting a promotion or better job, which is connected to the sign of waiting in line. Waiting in line, however, usually means facing troubles at work, such as people trying to sabotage your success or the profitability of your projects. You are likely to fall victim to their schemes, losing face and respect in your work environment. While this situation could hurt you, the final sign, chasing and catching the rabbit again, suggests finding redemption and overcoming whatever plan was set in motion against you. This vision gives no indication as to how this comes about, so you should be on the lookout for chances to prove yourself and make good use of your skills and talents.


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