load Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about load explained:

May represent burdens and responsibilities.

If you happen to see a dream in which a donkey forsakes its load either because it is unbearably heavy or the animal itself has gradually grown exhausted, be aware that this vision could be warning you that a close friend, family member or some other person who is dear to your heart could be in extreme need of your aid and support at the moment. Although it is impossible to be more precise in terms of who this individual is or what circumstances had caused his or her trouble, it is likely that you could significantly alleviate the situation in question. An alternative interpretation of the described dream suggests to restrain yourself from demanding your debtors to repay their debt, as this could result in some highly unpleasant consequences if you choose to rush the matter.

A dream vision featuring an exhausted donkey becoming unable to carry his heavy load any longer and thus dropping it to the ground is considered to be an unfavorable omen. It predicts that in the upcoming future you could find yourself being dragged into a delicate and dangerous situation resulting from your previous dishonesty and scheming or even some unlawful deeds you have decided to commit in order to outrun your rivals and outwit your competitors. The eventual outcome of this situation is impossible to foresee, but in the worst case scenario, it has a good chance of reducing your recent victories to naught.

Dreaming that a draft horse is pulling a heavy load is commonly an indication that you tend to take on your own shoulders an excessive amount of responsibilities. You are, or will be the first one to overload yourself with issues and problems which should or could be shared with others for an lighter and smoother resolution. That is, the draft horse is single-handedly managing an inadequately large amount of weight. Bringing on more draft horses could only make the task easier.


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