menstruation Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about menstruation explained:

If you dream about menstruation suggest that you have bottled up something for too long. You are going to release this stress involuntary. Make sure you think before you say the wrong things. There are tough time ahead but it will be over soon. Usually women dream about there menstrual cycle when they are a couple days late. This is just hanging over you and its your unconscious letting you know. There have been many studies before women get pregnant they dream about their menstrual cycle.

May symbolize fertility, femininity and feminine energy or a loss or denial of your femininity.

You have not specified whether you are a male or female, so we are providing common interpretation for this kind of dream vision for both situations. For females, visions of menstruation during sex predict encountering obstacles or misunderstandings arising between you and the other person whom you are currently seeing or in a relationship with. For males, similar visions point to his extreme aversion to everything he perceives unclean, immoral or even revolting during sex. The dream suggests you could be enjoying sex activities more if you accept them as a natural and pleasurable part of human nature.


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