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May symbolize feeling the need to dig into the unconscious.

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A child appearing to have drowned, but alive

A floating child that appears dead signifies a lack of certainty in your course of action, possibly prior to making important decisions. The ambivalence present in the dream furthermore indicates that...

Eating bread for women

For mothers who dream about eating bread, it is symbolic of a looming unpleasant surprise. It may be a sign that your very own children, to whom you devoted virtually your entire life, would be the ca...

Seeing another female in a crimson dress

Dreaming of seeing another female in a crimson dress and veiled in a black mourning veil symbolizes losing to a female rival. If you are a female and had this dream, it means that you will lose your b...

An owl giving birth to a human-like creature

White owls are usually associated with relationships, and the presence of two white owls along with you and your husband strongly suggests this vision is connected to your relationship with him. Norma...

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