mistake Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about mistake explained:

May represent an error that has been made in waking life.

A knock on the door in the dream world is usually a positive sign pointing to good news and exciting opportunities in your future. As for the naked women in your vision, the interpretation depends on your reaction to their visit. If you simply accepted their nudity as something normal, then it means the opportunity or news you would receive likely deals with your ability to embrace other people's needs they want to take care of using your help. On the other hand, if there was fear and trepidation over the nudity, then there is a likelihood that you would stumble upon a sensitive secret or information which could give you some leverage, yet would go against your principles or personal values.

This dream could be pertinent to both you and your friend. Seeing said friend crying in your arms portends troubles and misfortune that may inconvenience both of you, things like acts of indifference, insincerity or a lack of compassion. Realizing in this dream that the mistake originated from your own actions or negligence could also point to your gullible, trusting nature which could make you an easy target for those who want to take advantage of this character trait which they perceive as your weakness.


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