necklace Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about necklace explained:

A necklace represents wants that have yet to be appeased. It could also mean that you have a need to feel more in command of others and control people. Your thoughts and your emotions are in tune with each other if you dream of a broken or misplaced necklace. You just need to act on a whim with regards to certain circumstances in your life at present.

May represent a gift or family heirloom.

Finding yourself in a dream where you have lost or misplaced a valuable pearl necklace, such as one you inherited or received as a gift, indicates experiencing some sad, disappointing circumstances in the near future. This also means you are likely to experience the associated feelings of frustration and depression as a result.

A diamond necklace often represents pride and power. Since the diamond necklace was entrusted to you in the dream, perhaps a promotion is at hand or someone influential could open up new opportunities for you. However, this may entail complications, especially in relation to your family, as indicated by the blue vase. Maybe in exchange for your elevated social status or professional progression, you could end up neglecting some of your duties and responsibilities related to your loved ones. As such, your subconscious could be reminding you not to lose sight of your priorities.


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