notes Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about notes explained:

Notes symbolize information, knowledge and getting facts. If you are reading, writing or sending notes it implies that you have something you want to let out. You are trying to pass on information. Otherwise, your dream indicates that you are trying to get some facts about something.

May symbolize a message.

To hear accordion music with wrong notes is an indication that a close friend or acquaintance may be experiencing a health problem.

Running through the woods or the forest generally means a period of change is about to take place. You may be due for a career change or about to enter a new chapter in your personal journey. The changes that would happen to your day-to-day routine, as part of adapting to this transformation or shift, may make this time very emotional or tumultuous as depicted by the body of water. Perhaps you are not yet ready to leave some things behind which is why initially you would struggle to find your footing, Fortunately, the last part of your vision suggests you would be rational and pragmatic in approaching this period of transition.

Although in-flight problems did not occur during the dream, their possibility was present in the dream as the emergency sign suggests. Having technical problems on an airplane or anticipating a malfunction during a flight could symbolize dispersion. You could be spreading yourself thin over an excessive multiplicity of simultaneous plans and projects. This would cause a lot of disorganization and distress in your life and hinder the accomplishment of your objectives. Urination is a very intimate and personal process. Visions related to public urination, as with the signs displayed on the plane seats, could represent some potential feelings of shame or fear. You could be feeling ashamed for not being able to finish your projects on time or fear potential negative consequences. Although you would think that it would not happen to you, you could be prone to such experiences. These would be natural and ordinary reactions to your situation. Anyone could experience these emotions. Alternatively, someone could be trying to exert control over you, interfere with your life or demand your undivided attention. You would feel you wanted to flee. Urination would be the failed attempt to escape existing danger. The dream could be alerting you about this possibility. In the context of the entire dream, you could be going through a phase in life when you (and your peers, as the last part of this dream suggests) are under a lot of pressure. This pressure might be caused by someone who has a lot of power and authority over you.


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