outfit Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May represent a transformation or growth.

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Grandfather dying and becoming younger

Seeing your grandfather die in the dream world illustrates your mixed feelings about his old age. You may have recently become aware of his mortality, and this awareness triggered the fears associated...

An aggressive tiger

A dream in which you see yourself tackling or defying a tiger must be considered a forewarning. It could signify that you might be reproached or castigated by your superior or administrator. It might ...

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Envisioning yourself having oral sex with your ex-boyfriend has something to do with commitment issues. It is equivalent to having cold feet in the waking world. Choosing between your ex and your curr...

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Being attacked by giant cockroaches in a dream is a grim sign that you may be overdoing everything. Nails are all it would take to fasten a wooden accessory, but you would use the sturdier screws to s...

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