overflowing Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about overflowing explained:

May symbolize overwhelming emotions which can no longer be contained.

Envisioning a toilet or other bathroom fixture that is overflowing throughout a bathroom is a positive sign with the interpretation of having good luck. Dreaming of a broken toilet, particularly one that is making a big mess, predicts fortune is on your side in any endeavors you could be pursuing, especially work-related projects and goals.

If you dream of seeing a toilet overflowing with human wastes, you could be in for a pleasant surprise. It indicates that you would find great success in a project that you are currently undertaking, noting the ease with which an otherwise challenging task would be carried out. Subsequently, a lot of things could be accomplished and money start coming in as a result.

Overflowing water that is particularly clear suggests that trouble is on the way. The water that spills over the edge of a container or floods the land represents the difficulties in one area of your life affecting other parts. You would be well aware of the growing storm, however, as the clarity of the water points toward full awareness of the challenges at hand. On one hand, it is good to have prior notice of what is to come, especially as it gives you a chance to mitigate some of the possible damages. On the other hand, seeing what is brewing on the horizon could increase anxiety and stress.

A dream in which you see a deluge in the river because of a flood is a sort of a forewarning. It is symbolic of indeterminate circumstances and troubling times due to deficiency of power and guidance within your country or society. It can be taken as an indication of daunting times ahead of you.

Seeing gas overflow from the tank while fueling up your car means you will experience a season of favorable changes (like being able to get something you have wanted to own for a long time).


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