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To dream about own explained:

May suggest feeling possessive, controlling or greedy.

A dream in which your own feet become a prominent and important detail, even if it is the only part of your dream that you will eventually remember in the morning, is a sign that you are currently the supporting pillar in the life of someone very dear to your heart. For example, this person or people may be your closest relatives or friends. Consider this vision to be a reminder that the mentioned people rely and depend on you regardless of whether you like this fact, so it is recommended to participate in their lives as actively and regularly as possible. As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said, *You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed*.

To dream that you are lying on your own bed symbolizes your sheltered and guarded personal life. The comforts of your bed in your dream are a symbol of your refusal to explore outside of your comfort zone or to open up for fear that you might be met with rejection. You prefer not to show the real you because the world is full of judgmental jerks and vicious bullies and you do not want to give them the satisfaction of putting you down, even if it costs you your own freedom and happiness.

Dreaming of your own death surprisingly has a positive dream interpretation. Unlike the morbid nature of this dream symbol, in reality this refers to a long, happy and fulfilling life for you. Death also symbolizes transformation and transition. It could be a spiritual enlightenment that would steer you into a more promising path or personal growth which would allow you to achieve your full potential.

Seeing your own aura is a sign of inner conflict. You dwell too much on your personal issues and struggles to the point that your attention is being drawn away from things that could be more beneficial or productive for you. Try to be more positive when it comes to your personal outlook on life.

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