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To dream about park explained:

May represent childhood memories.

Being at a park in your dream suggests that you use your dreams to escape for your conscious life.If you are lost in the park it represents a lack of direction in your life in relation to some situation. You may just be feeling alone and isolated from people.

Maybe this dream symbol could be an indication you might need some time for some R & R. Is your life boring right now and need some excitement? Could the dream mean that you could be taken for a ride?

If you dream of strolling through a forested area or recreational park, you probably need to take a much-needed break. Fortunately for you, this vision portends upcoming travels with the family for rest and relaxation. After too much stress and piling workload, you can look forward to spending vacation time with your loved ones in order to recharge.

Dreaming of getting lost inside a park could reveal your current struggle with society. Perhaps you have a hard time understanding others at work or in your own community because you hold different beliefs and worldview. Going through the cave similarly points to your desire for enlightenment or at least a way to connect with your peers or people you disagree with. This yearning to make sense of the situation or strengthen your bond with your friends and loved ones is represented by the bridge. There could be a lot of enmity and misunderstanding going around that you just want to break the barrier as indicated by the fence or walls. Ultimately, you feel like you cannot just sit around doing nothing, so you have to do what you can to get through to people and try to reconnect severed bonds or help bridge the communication gaps, especially with people who are important to you.

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