petting Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about petting explained:

May symbolize affection or comfort.

Dreaming about petting a pig could represent some nasty personality habit. For example, you could have a tendency for excessive flattery and adulation. You would constantly use this strategy for the purpose of achieving your goals or succeeding with your plans.

To dream about petting or touching a cow is a symbol of selfishness. You seem to be concerned only about your own personal welfare. Every time you go out of your way to help others, you would expect something in return. Before providing assistance or making a contribution, you would pause to think whether you would stand to gain in the process. But sometimes, an unrewarded act of kindness and generosity is what makes a person truly happy. On a lighter note, this dream vision could mean acquiring more wealth and fostering better relationships within the family.

Dreaming about petting a ram indicates the possibilities of dealing with a well-placed but an arrogant and high-headed person. He may be enjoying a higher social status than what you currently have. The interaction and communication with such a person might provide you with some entertainment, but would not bring any personal benefit to you.

Softly stroking and petting a cat in your dreams means you are able to avoid upcoming problems or issues, or you are able to face problems or issues in your life and successfully solve them whenever they occur.

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