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To dream about pink explained:

May symbolize feeling vulnerable.

The dream image of pink curtains, like in a girl's bedroom or perhaps a room with very feminine interior design, is a reflection of your promiscuous nature. You may tend to flirt with people you fancy, both in your social circle as well as strangers you meet at parties or similar events. This could eventually lead to romantic flings which would end in an eventual parting of ways and no real commitment. Depending on the other person's reaction, it may have no negative consequences or you may have to contend with serious issues.

To see heaps of fish in your dream indicate a desire to grab all opportunities and chances coming your way in order to succeed in life instead of relying solely on your fate. The submarine represents your introspection in relation to the breaks and prospects that are appearing on your horizon. Perhaps you are weighing the pros and cons of choosing one opportunity over the other. Alternatively, the submarine could also refer to your ability to choose among a variety of perspectives. The vision may be symbolic of your open mind. Either way, you may be presented with a lot of options to further your career, hence your subconscious is reminding you to be circumspect with your decisions.

Having a dream about handling pinkish, fresh-looking meat is a good indication in terms of health. If you are currently down with some form of a disease, there will be great improvements in your condition after undergoing medical treatment. If you are not suffering from any ailments at the moment, this dream vision is an indication that you would remain in good health for a long period of time.

The imagery of wearing a pink skirt in a dream is often associated with the idea that the person wearing the skirt has outstanding personal traits and strong character on the outside, but is, in reality, struggling with a roller-coaster of negative emotions and self-doubts on the inside. Your co-worker may be subconsciously attuned to your unpredictable emotional states and it is being revealed in her visions as a sign of poor communication or even possible conflicts making their way to the surface soon.

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