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To dream about playing cards explained:

What are you’re cards? What do the cards mean to you? The cards could symbolize aspects or characteristics about yourself. Could the cards be how you play in life? Let us know and tell us you’re dream at our forum above.

May symbolize creativity.

Dreaming of tarot cards symbolizes you are inclined to reach a higher understanding of your mystical self. You are ready to venture into your unconscious mind. On the other hand, you may have already been to a tarot reading and your mind is using these symbols to indicate a message to you. Pay attention to what the tarot cards reveal. Some symbols include: The Wands, which signify the Psyche, The suit of the Swords symbolizes conquering something or the strength to do so, The Cups which represent your emotions and your approach toward life and The Pentacles stand for your connection with society and the environment.

May represent game-playing.

If you are playing a harp in your dream, it shows that you are being naive in the way you handle affairs in your life, particularly when it comes to romance. You are easily fooled and have the tendency to fall into the trap of undeserving people. This makes you vulnerable to others. Try to be more cautious and think first before you get involved with someone.

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  6. Playing accordion - If you get the opportunity to play the accordion in a dream, it could mean you will either encounter some unexpected circumstances that will need attention or you may find someone who will be very ben... Learn More!
  7. Playing badminton - Dreaming of playing a badminton game means you may experience unkind reactions or receive distasteful treatment from people who are around you.... Learn More!
  8. A fox playing dead - A fox playing dead is a highly ominous symbol to behold in the realm of dreams. It predicts the presence of a powerful enemy who is gathering power and waiting to launch their first attack against you... Learn More!
  9. Playing with a dog - Playing with the dog you or someone you know owns in a dream means you will meet someone and establish a friendship with them that will eventually make them become your best friend.... Learn More!
  10. Playing with a cat - Seeing yourself playing with a cat in your dreams is a sign of mistrust. It means some of the people you once trusted will soon prove to be dishonest and capable of betraying your trust.... Learn More!

playing cards

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