popcorn Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Popcorn, whether it is in a machine or bucket, is often interpreted as a sign of celebration and excitement. Some members of your group of friends or social circle may organize a party at a local hangout, cafe or restaurant so that everyone can spend time together. This event would bring much happiness, both in its planning and execution, and you would make many great memories during this time.

May represent ideas or memories that are popping up into conscious awareness.

Popcorn represents ideas and growth. To find yourself eating popcorn in your dream alludes to potential important ideas or a realization that would come to you in real life. However, salt depicts some hardships and difficulties. The salty popcorn may be a symbol of great things that you are going to achieve, but through some initial difficulties. If you are a person who does not like to bother others, you may need to now. You can confide in a family member, a colleague at work or a friend. This way, you can handle any upcoming challenges and emerge victorious.

Popcorn represents ideas, potential and growth. To see popcorn falling in your dream alludes to potential or an important idea or realization that will come to you in real life. Perhaps you have been thinking about your deceased son, which is why he manifested in your dream. The popcorn may be symbolic of his unrealized potential for growth due to his passing. Consuming meat refers to a yearning for clarity and enlightenment. It could be that you are still in the process of coming to terms with his death. Your subconscious is trying to piece together the significance of the tragic event and the need to search within yourself for the strength to cope with the loss and eventually move forward.

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