prey Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about prey explained:

May represent someone or something you perceive as prey.

Dreaming of seeing falcons, eagles, hawks, vultures or any other feathered creature that falls under the birds of prey category might serve as a warning to be cautious and careful of the people that you interact or deal with. Be attentive and stay alert for they may have personal interests and motives which might leave you deceived or taken advantage of.

When you see a wolf chasing its prey it can be a sign of your vulnerability and susceptibility to being taken advantage of by other people. People maybe unknowingly or intentionally demand things from you or ask for help and support, and this may cause you to neglect your own personal life.

Dreaming of seeing a lion chasing its prey and eventually catching it symbolizes that you are in complete control of your own destiny, and you can wisely make decisions and handle difficult circumstances, which will cause you to be able to achieve a lot of accomplishments in your life.

Having a dream about a wolf pack chasing their prey predicts a possibility of failures and disappointments which may cost you wasted time, energy, and health complications.

Top Most Related Dreams to prey

The Following Dreams Seem To Be Related To Your Dream

  1. A fox dropping its prey - If you envision a fox with its prey but later see the fox let it go or lose it, it may mean you are in a dangerous or difficult situation. It is possible you are not yet even aware of the trouble you ... Learn More!
  2. Shark devouring its prey - When you see a shark devouring its prey, it signifies there is a choice that you will eventually have to make between your love life and your career aspirations.... Learn More!
  3. Running to catch a prey - Dreaming about running after a prey like a chicken or a goose and being able to catch it could be taken as a sign of good tidings coming your way. It could symbolize the favorable offers or propositio... Learn More!
  4. A bird of prey attacking - Dreams involving birds of prey or predatory birds allude to opportunistic individuals. There could be unscrupulous personalities circling you in the waking world, trying to either take credit for your... Learn More!
  5. A scorpion killing its prey - Envisioning a scorpion stalking, stinging and killing its prey is a highly ominous sign which predicts being witness to some terrible, possibly catastrophic events in the near future. Beyond the dange... Learn More!
  6. Sharing a prey with a lion - If you find yourself sharing a prey with a lion in your dreams, then it means you will have significant improvements in your personal wealth, and you will receive an unexpected manifold increase in yo... Learn More!
  7. A spider devouring its prey - Watching a spider devouring its prey caught in the web is a warning that you may be working under or alongside an opportunist who will try to achieve his or her goals by using your abilities or talent... Learn More!
  8. Wolf hiding to catch its prey - Having a dream about a wolf lying low while waiting for its potential prey, for example near grazing herds of cattle warns that you will not be able to be successful in preventing evil deeds coming on... Learn More!
  9. Wolf failing to catch its prey - Dreaming about a wolf failing to catch and kill its prey warns you that you should not jump on new propositions or offers someone has for you - you maybe at risk of losing what you have built or accum... Learn More!
  10. Crocodile devouring its prey - A dream in which you perceive a crocodile devouring its prey symbolizes the lapse which you will have while living life to the fullest and taking pleasure in it. Additionally, it could signify that yo... Learn More!


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