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When you are robbed in your dream it suggests that you feel you have lost something or someone. It could be a trait, an object or someone close to you, which someone took from you. You are a bit jealous of a situation where you felt someone else got what should have been yours.

May symbolize a violation or invasion of personal space, thoughts, ideas or property.

Seeing or discovering your car robbed in a dream, regardless if it is the car itself or some of the contents of the car, denotes upcoming changes in your current relationship. It could be with your significant other or even a close friend or family member. If it has to do with your partner, then there is a likelihood of a break up or an instance of cheating which would have serious repercussions to your relationship. A new character could also show up and create conflict or generally change the overall tone of your dynamics.

Witnessing a street robbery in a dream vision, perhaps while you are walking on a street, is usually a sign of troubles ahead. However, if you felt no fear or panic while this robbery was happening in front of your eyes, then this means you have the courage and personal constitution to overcome obstacles that can eventually propel you to success. Your ability to perform under pressure, without compromising the quality of your work, could result in career growth and perhaps a promotion sometime soon.

Witnessing a robbery taking place in your dream reveals your growing concerns about financial matters. You may be starting to lose track of your finances just as taxes, bills and other financial obligations keep piling up on your to-do list. It is also possible that you have been spending indiscriminately lately and you are racking up quite a lot of debt. This may be the reason why you are stressing out about accounting all your expenses and seeing just how much trouble you are in financially. It may be time to talk to an accountant or a financial adviser to help you get back on track.

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  1. Robbery in general - Dreaming about a robbery, whether you see someone being robbed or you are the one robbed in the vision, is an allusion to upcoming issues. Certain details about the robbery could give you further clue... Learn More!
  2. Robbery as a crime - Having a dream about a crime involving a robbery symbolizes wants and desires being pursued in wake life. Like the robber in the dream who wanted to acquire material possessions albeit through illegal... Learn More!
  3. Organizing a robbery - Envisioning yourself organizing or plotting a robbery means there is possibility that you would make someone miserable. Whether or not it is done intentionally, your actions would have far-reaching co... Learn More!
  4. Witnessing bank robbery - Experiencing a dream that you are witnessing bank robbery warns of separation from your family. You might be forced to spend time away from your home and loved ones because of certain obligations or c... Learn More!
  5. Robbery for single women - Single women who dream of being robbed could be on a verge of significant change to their love life. You may catch the romantic interest of several suitors. Depending on how you view it, it can be a p... Learn More!
  6. Robbery inside your house - Dreaming that a robbery occurred in your house could signify the worsening state of your relationship with your significant other. Not listening to each other or blaming each other for little things c... Learn More!
  7. Being caught during robbery - Dreaming of a failed robbery attempt means resorting to unethical means to achieve your goals. Perhaps you aborted the robbery because your suspicious behavior caught the victim's attention or authori... Learn More!
  8. Being able to resist robbery - Successfully evading or resisting a robbery in your dream likely reveals your ability to dodge conflict, negative situations and threats in real life. Perhaps your gut instinct and sensitivity allows ... Learn More!
  9. Caught in the process of robbery - Being caught while trying to rob someone or an institution in a dream spells trouble for your finances in reality. You may be digging yourself in a hole with your growing debt and a lack of stable sou... Learn More!
  10. Someone familiar suspected of robbery - A dream which involves a case of robbery denotes your desire to pursue your passions and aspirations. There may be a lot on your list of things you want to achieve and you cannot wait to get started. ... Learn More!

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