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To dream about running explained:

May symbolize avoiding something.

Running away from someone in your dream suggests that you are trying to escape a situation. If you are running away from someone who is trying to harm you it means you are not battling your worries. If you cannot run but for some reason, no matter how fast you try to go, your feet are not carrying you anywhere. This dream indicates that you are trying to progress but unfortunately you are not doing the right things. You are stuck in the same position. If you are running by yourself it means that you do not need others to help you reach your ambitions. You are your own source of strength. On the other hand if you are running with someone else it implies that you are able to work with people to accomplish things.

Dreaming about seeing yourself run at your fastest can symbolize the unexpected joy and happiness which you are about to encounter in your life. These changes may come as a pleasant surprise and will make you feel exultant and carefree.

Running away, as a dream symbol, is often interpreted as a negative symbol, although the exact interpretation depends highly on what you were running away from in the vision. For example, running away from a dangerous individual suggests a desire to distance yourself from a particular person who is bothering you in wake life, while running away from someone who poses no risk to you could be an indicator of shyness or isolation in reality. The same is true of physical objects with scary pictures or sharp edges representing specific difficulties from your everyday life and plain, innocuous objects representing a general desire to shirk responsibilities or change your environment.

If you see a fox running off in the distance or darting across a road or path you are on, you should be worried about your closest friend or ally. This symbol is often interpreted as a negative sign because it predicts being inconvenienced, hurt or annoyed by the behavior of someone you consider very trustworthy. However, if you noticed that the fox was running in a circular pattern, it suggests someone is about to give you some good, well-meaning advice. You should listen to the wisdom they are trying to share with you, as it would likely serve you well in your future endeavors.

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