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To dream about sand explained:

Dreaming of sand may represent the border between the conscious (beach/land) and unconscious (ocean/water) minds.

If you see sand at a beach means you are over worked and need a vacation. Looking at sand might mean you are bored with your life and you should stop letting time pass you by.

The presence of wet sand in your dream, such as the sea-soaked sand of shores or sand that has been drenched by rain, signifies increasing wealth in the real world. This is not wealth that you expect to receive because of your hard work. This wealth would originate from a surprising source or from an unfamiliar person. An anonymous donor may have heard of your work and would decide to support your project. There is also a likelihood that a long-forgotten plan or work of yours would fall into the right hands or end up with a buyer who would make your profit grow significantly.

Damp sand in dreams, like the sand on the ocean shore or sand in a zen garden after the rain, depicts problematic periods from your past that are still haunting you. You could have committed a grievous mistake which affected a lot of people and you are still carrying a lot of guilt from that incident. Or you may have experienced a traumatic event which has altered your psyche and perhaps causes problems in your current relationships because of the way you deal with people.

Looking at or focusing on river sand, maybe as you are picking up rocks or fishing in the river, is a reflection of your current journey towards self-improvement. More specifically, this has to do with improving your outward appearance. Maybe you would start going to the gym and be more physically active to attain your ideal body shape. Or you may start caring more about skincare products after you start noticing that you have neglected your own wellness and begin to look like the best version of yourself.

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  1. Clean sand - Clean sand, especially if it is pure white or the surrounding is completely free from garbage and pollution, symbolizes acts of kindness in reality. You could be the beneficiary of these generous and ... Learn More!
  2. Dirty sand - Walking on or touching dirty sand in your dream vision, possibly because of the dirty environment or when it has been mixed with impurities, means you would likely meet unfortunate circumstances in re... Learn More!
  3. Loading sand - Envisioning yourself loading sand into a vehicle, like a dump truck or using a front loader to transport or transfer sand, portends the possibility of getting reprimanded by your boss or an authority ... Learn More!
  4. Very dry sand - Walking on very dry sand or feeling dry sand between your fingers, maybe because there has been a drought in the dream vision or you are in a desert, means you may experience a few minor annoyances in... Learn More!
  5. Grains of sand - To dream of grains of sand, for instance when you find yourself vacuuming your car seats because there are grains of sand scattered all over them upon close examination due to a recent beach camping, ... Learn More!
  6. Sand around you - Dreaming of sand around you, for instance when you find yourself walking in a sand dune with nothing but sand in plain sight and as far as you can see to the horizon, could be a warning about approach... Learn More!
  7. Sand in general - To dream of sand in general, such that when you go outside of your house and you are surprised to see a mound of sand on your porch and you do not know where it came from, could be symbolic of your cu... Learn More!
  8. Walking on sand - Dreaming that you are walking on sand, for example when you are frolicking in the powdery white sand of the faraway beach with your friends while on vacation, could predict reuniting with an old frien... Learn More!
  9. Lying in the sand - To dream that you are lying in the sand, such that when you and your family go to a beach and you spread your beach towel in the sand to sunbathe and bask under the summer sun, could be a reflection o... Learn More!
  10. Digging in the sand - Dreaming of digging around in the sand, looking for buried treasure or toys that have been left behind by kids at the beach, suggests a possible encounter or meeting with someone who could make a sign... Learn More!


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