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To dream about scorpion explained:

May represent someone who is a Scorpio or a particular time of Autumn (October 22nd-Novemeber 22nd).

These are one of the dream symbols that you should pay close attention too. The reason why it is such an important symbol because it holds a strong meaning to it. If you where stung by a scorpion means that somebody in your life is going to hurt you really bad. A scorpion is able to sting and kill with one prick to your body. These are creatures that we are afraid of and run away when we see them. Is anybody in your life like that? Do you possess the same qualities that of a scorpion?Depending the situation of the dream a scorpion can have a different meaning. If you where not afraid of it suggests that you will be starting a new life. Your old bad ways will die off and you will start new.

Dead scorpions, in the context of dream visions, are auspicious signs associated with luck and happiness. Because of the good vibes floating around in your life, you may have access to better opportunities than normal. You may also be able to avoid getting ill or injured should an accident occur. It is important to note, however, that your luck should not lull you into a false sense of security. You should be aware of your surroundings and avoid careless behavior lest you tempt fate.

Killing a scorpion or scorpions in your dream suggests triumph over your enemies. Certain unscrupulous personalities are likely doomed for disappointment as their efforts to discredit and betray you would fail spectacularly. Perhaps their plans would even backfire. Thanks to your foresight and quick wit, you would be able to stay a few steps ahead of your detractors and devious personalities.

Seeing a scorpion in a dream vision and being scared because of its appearance or presence is often interpreted as a negative sign associated with deceit and betrayal. More specifically, this sign points toward a person you used to trust deeply stabbing you in the back, revealing your deepest, darkest secrets and starting false rumors about you. You should be careful of those friends who may benefit from you being out of the picture or the scapegoat for a problem.

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  2. A scorpion in general - Dreaming of scorpions does not bode well for your social circle. Scorpions are generally known for embodying negative concepts like vengeance and betrayal. It means you may have some fake friends arou... Learn More!
  3. A giant black scorpion - The presence of a gigantic black scorpion in the dream world portends significant adjustments in the real world. You need to tread lightly in these circumstance as scorpions symbolize harmful, even de... Learn More!
  4. Stepping on a scorpion - Crushing a scorpion with your foot, whether you accidently stepped on it or purposely tried to kill it, often predicts an upcoming confrontation, probably with an enemy, rival or someone you do not re... Learn More!
  5. scorpio the scorpion - May represent someone born under the sign of Scorpio. Learn More!
  6. A scorpion stinging itself - Dreaming of a scorpion stinging itself reveals a degree of self-loathing. You may be putting too much pressure and expectations on yourself that you give yourself a hard time with every tiny mistake. ... Learn More!
  7. Stumbling upon a scorpion - If you unexpectedly come across a scorpion in your dream, take heed when travelling or being on the road. This dream scenario portends getting involved in a road accident or travel mishap. Taking prec... Learn More!
  8. Eating a scorpion in a dish - If you find yourself dreaming of eating a scorpion dish, or food containing scorpions, you may have love on your side pretty soon. It may not be the romantic kind of love, it may just be the platonic ... Learn More!
  9. A scorpion killing its prey - Envisioning a scorpion stalking, stinging and killing its prey is a highly ominous sign which predicts being witness to some terrible, possibly catastrophic events in the near future. Beyond the dange... Learn More!
  10. Trying to catch a scorpion - Attempting to catch a scorpion in the context of a dream vision indicates that, at least subconsciously, you have a desire to retaliate against or return the favor to someone who has tormented or bull... Learn More!


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