sheets Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May symbolize covering up or hiding something.

To dream of seeing or sleeping in a bed with dirty sheets is like washing your dirty linen in public. You or people close to you might be involved in unfortunate or scandalous events which would expose unpleasant things about you which you should otherwise keep to yourselves. Such occurrences, and the subsequent humiliation, would threaten to destroy your credibility and integrity, making it difficult for you to gain the public's trust again.

Snow-white or immaculately white sheets or linens symbolize good luck in dreams. This particular dream symbol portends success in professional plans and passion projects. Your boss may start to notice your valuable contributions at work and promote you or give you a hefty bonus. Alternatively, if you have been thinking about pursuing a business venture or diversifying your work experience, then an exciting opportunity could prove to be a worthwhile investment.

To see yourself destroying survey sheets or canceling your responses is a sign you exercise extreme caution and careful planning when it comes to making decisions and exhibit behavior that can eventually lead to disastrous outcomes and shatter your peaceful living.

To see big sheets of white paper in a dream vision, perhaps for posters or photo paper for large-scale illustrations, denotes peace and stability. You can enjoy the absence of conflict and drama from your existence. In general, you would be free to do whatever you please without being disturbed by petty issues, disagreements or problems at work. Even inside the household, or in terms of personal relationships, you can enjoy a more supportive and positive environment that would lead to better well-being and higher satisfaction.

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