shoulders Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about shoulders explained:

May suggest the burdens and responsibilities you are carrying on your shoulders.

If a prospective or soon to be parent has a dream of a baby placed onto a father's shoulder, then this sign is indicative of the new baby's gender. This dream symbolizes that the new addition to their family tree may be a healthy baby boy.

If prospective or soon to be parent has a dream of a baby placed onto a mother's shoulder, then this sign indicates the baby's gender. This vision predicts that the new addition to their family should take the form of a healthy baby girl.

This dream vision of seeing a large bird perching on your friends' and father's shoulders could have two possible meanings. If you remembered that the bird was an eagle, it could be a sign of having to soon part with your friends or your father because of some externals circumstances, such as relocating, moving with the purpose of study or work or dramatically changing your lifestyle. Another, more negative interpretation of a big bird on top of someone's head or shoulders could portend this person's passing away, in this case it is unclear whose exactly.

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