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To dream about sitting explained:

may represent indecision or an unwillingness to take action.

Dreaming of sitting at a bar, whether it is empty or brimming with customers, is symbolic of either a sudden or emerging need to rely on government services in the near future. If the bar room is poorly lit and hazy with the smoke of cigarettes, it could mean that the timing of your requests is poor, possibly resulting in your issues taking a long time to be cleared up. This could be due to a lot of red tape or simply because there are many others in this very same situation. On the other hand, if the bar was bright and airy, it predicts a swift and successful process of solving your problems.

When you see yourself sitting of a fish, big or small, this is a good sign of fast recovery from illness or disease for you or your family members.

A dream in which you envision yourself mounted on a donkey yet not moving anywhere, regardless of whether there is an objective reason for this stop or not, could be a vision symbolizing the current state of affairs throughout your current tasks or projects. Most likely, you are going through a period resembling a standstill. No matter how hard you try, your work seems stuck in one place, and your undertakings do not progress as you would like them to. The described vision indicates that it could take significant time and efforts on your part to overcome this time of stagnation and flawed productivity, and thus finally make your aspirations a success.

Dreaming that you are sitting alone comfortably on a cloud, like flying on a magic carpet and watching glimpses or snippets from your childhood which were long buried and forgotten during your busy working waking life, means you could be wishing to be somewhere else and are setting unrealistic goals or plans for yourself. In the dream, you perhaps were able to see the earth from high up above, reminding yourself to be more grounded in what you are trying to achieve in your life.

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