snail Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

A snail could suggest you are moving along but very very slow. Spirals are also symbolic of expanding consciousness. Alternatively, spirals can also imply a process of going within (spiraling inward) to seek inner consciousness for answers.

may symbolize moving slowly.

Seeing a snail in the water is a fairly positive sign indicating success in the face of obstacles, especially those obstacles created by other people. This includes rivals who try to sabotage your efforts to get ahead in the workplace or higher-ups who dismiss your ideas without considering them. At the same time, this vision warns not to proceed in a hurry and carefully consider options available to you so to avoid potential pitfalls and errors on your part.

Cleaning up the slime from the snails represents your concerted efforts in keeping an untrustworthy individual at bay. Someone could be exhibiting suspicious or objectionable behavior around you and you are trying to push away any unwanted advances. On the other hand, snails can represent your slow and steady progress towards your dreams. In that case, getting rid of the slime may reflect your desire to speed up your progress. However, the haste and urgency could set you up for failure, possibly even putting your health at risk. Some things take time and consistent effort to be achieved.

Dreaming about coming across a snail, especially if you found it in your pocket, is a warning to be careful and postpone any major financial decisions or purchases requiring large amounts of money. Even if you are going to share the expenses with someone else, like a member of your household or your spouse, the dream suggests evaluating all pros and cons and taking into account factors you may have left out of consideration. The mirror in the end of the dream is another hint for you to take a closer look at your current financial standing and assess your needs in a careful and thoughtful way.

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