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may suggest that you may be in danger of losing control of a situation.

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Applying fresh milk on skin

Dreaming about applying milk to yourself, especially if you enjoyed the experience, is a highly auspicious symbol representing the satisfaction and contentment you are either experiencing at the momen...

Winning money

Winning money is often thought to represent some aspect of your personality that is willfully ignorant to or blissfully unaware of how your words and actions affect others. This does not mean you are ...


Dreaming of this weapon indicates you know what you want and you will find the right tools to fight for it. You are set on your ambitions and believe you can do it. If you are injured because of a lan...

A plugged nose

Having your nose plugged, such as with cotton balls or with cloth perhaps to stem a nosebleed or block out unpleasant smells, denotes upcoming danger and difficulties. There is a risky situation in yo...

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