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To dream about step explained:

May symbolize walking, walking carefully, walking around or walking up or down.

Dreaming about step-parents or being adopted by a couple portends sadness, periods of disappointment as well as troubles which will bother you for some time.

The meaning of this vision depends on your reaction to the party that was taking place. If you were excited about the party your step-daughter hosted, this vision of a family get-together could portend a happy event taking place in the near future, such as a wedding, birthday party, reunion or birth. On the other hand, if you were upset about the party in your house, it could mean something terrible is about to happen which would seriously hurt or sadden you. This could include the death of someone you are close to or the loss of wealth, property or opportunities. Additionally, the fruit takes on a special meaning in the second case, suggesting these unfortunate circumstances could lead to a decline in morals or a desire to take what you think belongs to you, even if it does not.

Consuming rice in a dream bears a positive message. It symbolizes happiness and harmony, especially in connection to your familial relationships. If there have been long-standing conflict and disagreements among you and your step siblings, then the dream means you would soon resolve your differences. In addition, the combination of the the symbols of rice and vegetables means that to achieve peace of mind, you may have to fix your issues with your step siblings. Perhaps the memories or wisdom imparted by your late dad would be instrumental in such reconciliation.

To see yourself tripping over a step in an amphitheater means that while you are involved in your business affairs, traveling will become a meaningless and costly option. Even the strategic planning done before taking business trips will not help make the trips any more effective than they would be if they were not planned.

When you have been dreaming about having long conversations or disputes with your step-parents, this can be a sign of recurring memory flashbacks which will bring a lot of sad or negative feelings into your life.

Walking up the stairs in a dream vision is a highly positive symbol associated with making progress on your goals or dreams. Skipping a step, then, suggests much the same, especially if you are constantly concerned and anxious about completing a particular project. Namely, it means doing seemingly less work, but still getting to where you are supposed to be. While it may shock you a little to find you have forgotten to do something important, as long as you get where you are meant to go with available time and resources, everything is likely to (and may have been) turn out alright.

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