tarot Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about tarot explained:

May symbolize a desire to know yourself better.

Dreaming of tarot cards symbolizes you are inclined to reach a higher understanding of your mystical self. You are ready to venture into your unconscious mind. On the other hand, you may have already been to a tarot reading and your mind is using these symbols to indicate a message to you. Pay attention to what the tarot cards reveal. Some symbols include: The Wands, which signify the Psyche, The suit of the Swords symbolizes conquering something or the strength to do so, The Cups which represent your emotions and your approach toward life and The Pentacles stand for your connection with society and the environment.

Remembering details from a dream about tarot cards usually portends soon having an unpleasant meeting or dealing with individuals who would irritate, disappoint or create a nuisance for you. The vision of buying these cards in the dream is probably telling you to carefully consider your options or avoid direct contact with people whom you soon may be crossing your path with.


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